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Drop Spindles

Yay! Our newest seed has taken root and turned into drop spindles.  Here at To-Ply Fiber Arts we are all spinners who have completely different tastes when it comes to our spinning equipment.  Why is this great for you? Because all of us love to spin on these super cute spindles and you will too.  The hardest part about finding a good spindle is balance, our spindles are balance for continuation so you can get the most time out of a single spin.  Whether you are a new spinner or an expert hand at laceweight we have a spindle to meet your needs.

To-Ply drop spindles come in a variety of sizes and weights.  All of the spindles we make are rim weighted for maximum symmetry in weights ranging from 0.5 ounces to over 2 ounces.  The shape of the spindle is totally decided by what each piece of wood wants it to be.  We have single type and mixed types of wood for the shaft and the whorl, each spindle is one of a kind as wood grains are never the same.  

Drop Spindles 1
Box Elder_edited
Drop Sindle 2
Lignum Vitae_edited
Drop Spindles 4
Cherry wood_edited
Indian Rosewood_edited
Drop Spindles 3
African Mahogany_edited_edited
Bolivian Rosewood_edited_edited
Birds-eye Maple_edited
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