Card / Inkle / Tablet weaving loom - 100 percent hardwood wood, complete with hardwood dowels.  This loom has a double tension system, with both the back flap and the lower adjustment bar.  This double tension system gives the weaver a much larger range of motion - allowing greater movement of the warp for a correct tension while weaving.  This is particularly important while card weaving, as there is a fairly large take-up and without the additional tension bar, makeshift forms of warp adjustment are required.  The knobs used on the tensioning bars are both made of handcrafted hard wood as well - this gives your loom a fantastic hand-crafted look and feel.


The loom is a small / med size - with a shed distance of 11 inches from peg to peg, weaving shed around 9 inches. The loom is 9 inches tall, 18 inches long, pegs are 3 in length. It sits well in the lap for weaving - but can also be set on a table.

The finish one the loom is a Howards feed and wax wipe.  The wax both feeds the wood and brings out the natural beauty of the hard wood.  There will be no wood stain to affect your warp. 
These looms are a series of silhouettes.  I enjoy the simple crafting that can bring someone closer to a favorite symbol or design; if you have a favorite that is out of stock, let me know!  I can always make one for you.  These designs really bring out the natural elegance and beauty of the wood - really showing off gentle, glowing curves and waves of the wood grain and brings about its fame.


This loom will allow bands of up to approximately 1 inch in width to be woven - more if you choose the inkle method! The warp length is variable depending on what you choose to warp, with a maximum length of 2.0 - 2.5 yards (complete ward as a 3 inch take up).


These looms are all handmade in the United States with wood that has been legally sourced.  Due to the new Cites regulations, I cannot ship rosewoods (Bubinga, Cocobolo, East & Indian Rosewood etc.) out of the country.

Silhouettes - Card / Tablet / Inkle weaving loom

  • Looms can be custom ordered based on the weaver’s desires & needs.  Custom artwork, warp lengths and peg sizes are all available.  We love working with our clients to create the loom of their dreams, so please feel free and reach out with any questions at: