Perfect for the weaver that just wants a little something extra to enjoy working with everyday. Beautiful card/inkle/tablet weaving beaters, hand crafted from acrylic resins.


These shuttle/beaters are smooth, light and easy to handle. These beaters have a super fine, smooth and almost soft to the touch texture. They beaters have a firm sharp edge perfect for working on weaving bands. The beaters are heavy enough to pack down your weft, but light enough to allow for hours of weaving. They have a sharp beating edge and a rounded, comfortable topline that is remarkably comfortable for the weaver. The size does vary slightly but on average each shuttle/beater is 5 inches long and 1.5 inches tall. If you need a precise measurement, please let me know and I'll be happy to get that for you.


All the beaters are hand sanded up to 20 different times with a sandpaper and buffed up to 32000 grit for a silky, smooth touch and a wonderful feel in the hand and years of use.

I have limited numbers of these guys and each one is unique!


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