Perfect for the sewist, quilter, costumer or weaver these double-sided seam rippers/awls are as useful as they are beautiful. Made from a wide variety of materials from exotic woods to hand blended resins each one is unique. These seam rippers are perfect for a gift or a gift for yourself! They come with a velvet drawstring bag for safe storage.


The blades are Japanese steel; honed to a razor sharpness on the cutting edge that retains its sharpness over long term use. I’ve been using my same ripper for the last 5 years with no need to sharpen or replace. The gold blades/awls are coated with 24k gold, the silver with chrome. The handles are sanded to 32,000 grit and finished with a hard wax. Your seam ripper will get more attractive with use, developing a deeper glow with every use.  This handle is made from lustrous, smooth Kingwood, selected for the depth and richness of color.


The seam rippers self-cap; to cap your seam ripper, just pull out blade, reverse the direction and re-insert. This way you can travel with your seam ripper safely and protect the blades.

Double sided Seam Ripper / Awl - Kingwood